We are a Cloud-Native Application Development Firm, with almost 12 years of experience in building highly scalable online enterprise systems. We are constantly evolving with new technologies addressing scalability and security issues. Our systems are verified by penetration tests so that they can be implemented by financial organizations in Europe and in the US.

Our Process

Customized Application

Developing customized solutions to meet specific business needs in organization.

Caching (Redis & Varnish)

Implementation of latest caching methodologies to enhance performance and load speed.

Dedicated Hosting

We suggest and maintain hosting for your application on AWS, GCP & Digital Ocean as required.

Penetration Testing

Shortly known as Pen Test, is a simulated attacks against application to find exploitable vulnerabilities.

24X 7 Support

Our online ticket system and communication channel provides a way to report your problem or concern.

Application Maintenance

Automated systems makes sure applications are well optimized with black box or white box testing solution.

Collaborate The Way You Want

Managed Cloud Applications

We provide complete application solution for digital agencies or other marketing companies where we provide bespoke customized solution for application or websites. The enterprise supports prices depends upon the type of solution that you required. We are happy to assess your need and send you the projected estimates. Please enquire now and we will respond to it asap.

Professional Services

If you have the vision and know what you need, you can hire our professionals on monthly subscription basis to develop and maintain your application. Specially desgined for StartUps and Digital Agencies, we assesss your needs and assign expertised professional as per your requirement.

Case Study


A Canadian marketing company with more than 300 clients and websites were using one of the popular shared hosting . But as the sites visitors for each of the clients website grew their websites struggled to respond them . Moreover these sites were visited by spammers and bots.


They wanted a scalable solution that does not imply the visitors restriction , they came to us and ask for the custom cloud hosting solution , we rolled out the first server for test from Digital ocean and installed Nginx, Mysql database and firewall application.


The solution that we provided no longer stopped the spammers and phishing bot, the performance of the site increased by 80% and the site speed was reduced to 2 second from 12 Second. There clients are happy as they have fast and reliable custom hosting solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should i know before contacting Chuchuro Firm ?

    Knowing your organization requirements will be plus. However, if you are unsure where to start, we can help analyzing your current system and suggest the best solution possible. Just give us a call or write to us.

  • Is Annual Maintenance Contract Possible ?

    We love to support and maintain applications as much as developing it. We can help maintain and keep application running with optimum performance.

  • Already have running application, are you available for additional features ?

    Ya, we are open for it. Please share your current application (Can sign Non-Disclosure Agreement) with us and send us your desired features. We will analyze and back to you.