Meet Our Professionals

Organization is as good as the team it has. We are proud to introduce our professionals with you.

Sushma Basnet

Admin Officer

Makes team happy, knows about every medicine, nags others about homeopathic practice.

Dinesh Karki

Product Manager

Proud father of 2 lovely daughters. Loves coding, Zin, traveling & Physics. But never travels and failed in Physics paper.

Niroj Adhikari

Project Manager / Full Stack Developer

Implementer and Coder King. Enjoys couple of Beers for overtime. Slow eater and makes other wait for Ludo.

Deependra Karki

Project Lead / Front End Developer

Loves being called Deepu. Superb Management skill and up for new roles and challenges. Motto : Friday shouldn't be dry day.

Anil Maharjan

Frontend Developer

Javascript ice breaker, every songs is dami song, needs nightout event to get drunk.

Ramesh Pradhan

Backend Developer

Earthquake initiating walking style, can't code without music, Ignores most of the IM notification.

Binita Khebang

Frontend Developer

Silent coder, Great Mathematician, knows bits and pieces, shy dancer, hungry all the time

Manish Acharya

Frontend Developer

Vue Js expert, No Alcohol but still dances till 3 AM with others. Drinks 3 cup of tea at once.

Diwash Bhandari

Backend Developer

Youngest in the team, inquiring & retentive, bodyguard of ladies gang.

Binita Sainju

UI / UX Developer

Fashion Designer by passion, UX developer by profession. Making someone look gorgeous & interactive interface is her forte.

Gyanu Khatri

QA Engineer / Wordpress Developer

Loves to find bug & irritate developers. Guiding force of Ladies Gang. Laughs so load even soundproof room can't handle.

Durga Devi Karki


Loves to cook good food for us with love. We code and she prays for our success.

Dhana Kumari Tamang


Helps us keep hygiene and clean our working environment.

Pradeep Bista

Security Incharge

Makes sure we are safe from both intruders and Covid. Busy on video calls most of the time.

RGB, Hex, Binary & Decimal

Office Companion