Cloud Application framework

We have developed cloud application framework for startups to roll their sleeves as soon as possible and test their minimal viable products. We can also help startup to turn their ideas into products that runs on

Cloud Consultancy

Is your cloud infrastructure highly scalable to cope up with the server spike ? or you think that your applications are struggling to respond to your visitors , We can help you with free advice and support to resolve the problems that your cloud applications are

System Administration and Devops Engineering

Agile Development methodologies ensures that the code that you been developing as a developer are frequently tested against behavior or functions and deployed to different environments like testing , staging

Legacy Apps Support and Development

As business grows and the organization has more customer to serve, the core business application becomes incompetent and difficult to modify as per the current needs . and hence those applications becomes

Managed Cloud Hosting

If you been using shared hosting for a longer time then probably you are aware of the issues that the shared hosting solution has . As the number of customers for a site or online application increases more powerful and dedicated servers are

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